Footworks International is a non-denominational Christian missions organization. Footworks is committed to sending the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the people who need to receive it, no matter where they are. In Footworks, an opportunity is given every person to at least send the gospel to some other community, city or country away from where he/she lives through various avenues.

—In a revelation, many people were seen rising from various African countries into the nations of the world for missions. God intends many people on the continent of Africa to be discipled and deployed in the nations. Interesting, Africa is the continent in the middle of the world. As the fire starts from Africa it moves into other continents. The LORD would have you to share the Gospel and disciple someone for Him.

Over the years Footworks International has sent missionaries to various nationsin the Northern, Southern, Eastern, Central, and Western Africa and some nations in Asia. The impact of these missions trips have been extraordinary, we have seen several people accept Jesus as their Lord for the first time and many awesome miracles, healings and growth in the Lord. Many people have made lasting committment to also send the Gospel to nations because of the challenge the Lord led to us to give to these wonderful people.

It’s been an awesome experience and each missions trip has made lasting impact in the lives of those we have ministered to.