20 Jul 2014

The one who matters

Submitted by Footworks

Have u ever wondered what is the most important person in your life?... Well, I have often had that question in my mind and the answer always comes the same. I believe answering that question for yourself is the best gift you can give yourself. If you have the answer to the one that really matters, then you can have certainty in your decisions. 

Just imagine you are married and your spouse makes a really important decision without considering your opinion or asking you about it. I do not want to begin to express how you would react to such a scenario; one of your first impression will be to evaluate your importance to your spouse, for if you are that important then your spouse should have considered you in the decision making process. 

So like the scenario above, have considered the most important person who really matter in your life? Do even know who you are to consider? That second question is the first piece of the puzzle. If you make your mum for instance to be the most important, you should absolutely be certain about her. The most important person to consider in making any decision is your creator, your source. In this case God. He is the one that really matters in making every decision. If you get it right with Him, you will get it right everywhere...